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Law & Society



      The Legal System

      The Courts

      Classifications of the Law

      Accessing the Law




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    Tags:   accessing the law;   administrative law;   adversarial system;   age of criminal responsibility;   anarchy;   appeal;   bail;   balance of probabilities;   barrister;   beyond reasonable doubt;   bill;   Cabinet;   civil law;   classifications of law;   committal hearing;   common law;   constitution;   constitutional law;   coroner;   coroner's court;   court;   criminal law;   custodial sentence;   defendant;   discriminate;   district court;   doctrine of precedent;   double dissolution;   empanelment;   family court;   federal court;   Governor-General;   hierarchy;   high court;   hung jury;   indictable offence;   industrial law;   injunction;   inquest;   judge;   jury;   justice;   kinship;   law;   lawyer;   legal advisers;   local court;   magistrate;   magistrate's court;   majority verdict;   military law;   mistrial;   parliament;   plaintiff;   precedent;   private law;   pro bono work;   prosecutor;   public law;   royal assent;   solicitor;   statute law;   statutory interpretation;   sue;   summary offence;   supreme court;   symbols of justice;   tipstaff;   tort law;   trial;   umpire;   unanimous verdict;   vigilante

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