Year 9/10 Science Study Exam Notes Soundy Energy Hearing Ear test half yearly past papers assessment revision

Energy Transfer: Sound - Hearing


       Parts of the Ear

       Hearing Conditions






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    Tags:  audible range;  auditory nerve;  auricle;  bionic ear;   cochlea;  cochlear implant;  dB;  decibel scale;  decibel;  ear canal;  eardrum;   earwax;  electrical impulses;  eustachian tube;  hearing loss;  hearing protector;  inner ear;  loudness;  middle ear;  nerve  impulses;  ossicles;  outer ear;  oval window;  pinna;  range of human hearing;  semicircular canals;  sensory cells;  stirrup;  tinnitus;  volume; 

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