Year 9/10 Science Exam Study Notes Energy Transfer Sound Waves Waveforms test past papers half yearly assessment revision

Energy Transfer: Sound



       Sound Waves

       Properties of Sound

       Measuring & Analysing





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    Tags:  acoustic material;  air pressure;  amplitude;  audible range; compression;  range of human hearing;  decibel scale;  decibel;  echo; echolocation;  frequency;  hertz;  infrasound;  lambda;  longitudinal wave;  loudness;  Mach 1;  Mach number;  medium;  oscillation;  oscilloscope;  dB;  Hz;  pitch;  rarefaction;  reverberation;  sonar;  sonic boom;  sound energy;  sound level meter;  sound wave;  velocity;  supersonic speeds;  transverse wave;  tuning fork;  ultrasound;  ultrasound technology;  wave;  wave equation;  waveforms;  wavelength;  compression wave;  volume;  cathode ray oscilloscope;  CRO;  velocity

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