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Energy Transfer: Light - Vision



       Parts of the Eye

       How the Eye Works

       Vision Conditions





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    Tags:   accommodation;    aqueous humour;    cataract;   choroid;   ciliary body;   ciliary muscles;   colour blindness;   concavo-convex lens;   cone cells;   cones;   conjunctiva;   convexo-concave lens;   cornea;   dilator muscle;   eye muscles;   fire;   firing;   fovea centralis;   iris;   Ishihara test card;   lens;   long-sighted;   luminous;   optic nerve;   photoreceptors;    pupil;    receptors;    refract;    retina;    rod cells;    rods;    sclera;    short-sighted;    sphincter muscle;    suspensory ligaments;    vitreous humour

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