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Energy Transfer: Light



       Light Waves

       Real & Virtual Images





       Total Internal Reflection

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    Tags:  amplitude;  angle of incidence;  angle of reflection;  angle of refraction;  apparent depth;  bent ray;  bioluminescence;  compression wave;  concave lens;  concave mirror;  convergent mirror;  converging lens;  convex lens;  convex mirror;  crests;  critical angle;  diffuse reflection;  divergent mirror;  diverging lens;  electromagnetic radiation;  electromagnetic wave;  fish-eye mirror;  focal length;  focal point;  focus (F);  frequency;  Hertz (Hz);  image;  incident ray;  interface;  lateral inversion;  law of reflection;  lens;  light box;  light energy;  longitudinal wave;  luminous;  magnifying glass;  mirage;  non-luminous;  normal;  opaque material;  optic fibre;  optical density;  peaks;  phosphorescence;  plane mirror;  ray box;  ray diagram;  real image;  reflection;  refracted ray;  refraction;  refractive index;  regular reflection;  specular reflection;  speed of light;  TIR;  total internal reflection;  translucent material;  transparent material;  transverse wave;  troughs;  vacuum;  virtual image;  wavelength

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