Types of Energy

       Transfers & Transformations

       Energy Efficiencies


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    Tags:   ½mv²;   auxiliary power unit;   biomass;   by-product;   chemical potential energy (CPE);   conduction;   convection;   convection current;   elastic potential energy (EPE);   electromagnetic waves;   energy;   energy efficiency;   energy flow diagram;   energy input;   energy output;   energy rating label;   energy transformation;   gravitational potential energy (GPE);   infra-red scanner;   insulation;   joule;   kilowatt hours (kWh);   kinetic energy;   mgh;   National House Energy Rating Scheme;   non-renewable energy;   photosynthesis;   photovoltaic (PV);   potential energy;   radiant heat;   radiation;   renewable energy;   The Law of Conservation of Energy;   thermal conductor;   thermal energy;   thermal insulator 

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