Year 9 10 Science Electromagnetic Radiation Visible Light Colour Addition Subtraction exam questions past papers yearly study

Electromagnetic Waves: Visible Light



       The Visible Spectrum

       Seeing in Colour

          Colour Addition

          Colour Subtraction




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    Tags:  additive colour;   additive colour mixing;   additive primary colours;   additive secondary colours;   black;   blue;   CMYK colour model;   colour blindness;   colour filter;   cone cells;   cones;   cyan;   dispersion;   electromagnetic spectrum;   electromagnetic wave;   frequency (f);   green;   Hodson light box;   incident ray;   indigo;   Isaac Newton;   Ishihara test card;   kaleidoscope;   light box;   magenta;   nano-metre (nm);   orange;   pigment;   pixels;   plane;   polarisation;   polarised light wave;   polariser;   polaroid filter;   prism;   rainbow;   ray box;   red;   refract;   refractive index;   RGB colour model;   ROYGBIV;   scattering;   speed of light (c);   subtractive colour;   subtractive colour mixing;   subtractive primary colours;   THz;   TIR;   total internal reflection;         transverse wave;   unpolarised light wave;   violet;   visible light;   visible spectrum;   white light

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