Commerce Study Notes Consumer Choice Protection Payment Records exam test past papers half yearlys Year 7 8 9 10 Australia

Consumer Choice



      Choosing What to Buy

      Choosing Where to Buy

      Payment Choices

      Keeping Records

      Consumer Protection

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    Tags:   acceptable quality;   acceptance;   Australian Consumer Law;   Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC);   bait & switch advertising;   barter;   book-up;   budget;   business;   caveat;   emptor;   cheque;   CHOICE;   commerce;   comparison shopping;   Competition and Consumer Act 2010;   consideration;   consumer;   contract;   distribution chain;   double coincidence of wants;   drawee;   drawer;   e-commerce;   e-tailer;   goods;   impulse buying;   income;   interest;   labour force;   lay-by;   mail order;   manufacturer;   money;   needs;   offer;   offeree;   offeror;   Ombudsman;   payee;   price;   profit;   protective legislation;   purchasing decisions;   redress;   retailer;   rip-off;   scam;   scammer;   services;   unconscionable act;   wants;    wholesaler

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