Year 7/8 Science Study Notes Body Systems Digestive System exam test quiz past papers half yearlys

Body Systems: The Digestive System





       Types of Digestion

       Organ Components & Functions

       Digestive Disorders

       Dietary Deficiencies

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    Tags:  amino acids;  amylase;  anus;  appendicitis;  appendix;  bile;  bolus;  canines;  chemical digestion;  chyme;  coeliac disease;  colon;  diarrhoea;  digestion;  digestive juice;  digestive system;  digestive tract;  duodenum;  emulsify;  enzymes;  epiglottis;  faeces;  fatty acids;  gastric acid;  gastric juice;  glucose;  glycerol;  glycogen;  heartburn;  hydrochloric acid;  ileum;  incisors;  insoluble;  large intestine;  lipase;  lipids;  liver;  mechanical digestion;  molars;  mucus;  nutrients;  oesophagus;  organ;  pancreas;  pancreatic juice;  pepsin;  peristalsis;  physical digestion;  premolars;  pyloric sphincter;  rectum;  saliva;  salivary glands;  small intestine;  stomach acid;  stool;  trypsin;  villi;  villus;  vomit

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