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Updated 5 October 2018

Until the day that students can take study notes into exams, the need to memorise facts is never going to go away - sorry, not sorry!  If you hear someone tell you that you shouldn't 'memorise stuff like some robot', beware - it's a stitch-up!   You can understand a subject perfectly, but no matter how amazeballs your brain is, there will be gaps in your recall that will cost you big marks in the exam if you didn't make a concerted effort to memorise the facts properly.  In fact, the act of active recall itself is a skill that should be encouraged and developed.  

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Updated 5 October 2018

Mind maps are a powerful tool before you study and at the end for quick revision.  At the beginning of your studies, wads of pages in a textbook, notes in exercise books and loose-leaf printouts are not going to give you a very clear picture of the topics and concepts covered in the subject.  This overwhelming amount of information (organised or not) can cause anxiety issues in the best students.  The index in a textbook can give you a topic outline but mind maps give you this as well as all the major concepts relating to them.  That's powerful. 

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Updated 5 October 2018

Oh so humble.  Oh so powerful!  The very understated 'terms' are the knowledge backbone of any subject, yet we can never find a comprehensive glossary list in any textbook, just the most common 10 or so.  Terms are a whole little language dedicated to just that subject.  How difficult would it be to learn Spanish or French without learning every single word?  Heaps hard.

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Check out how to make them here. 

Not into making them? Just print them out and study them as study notes.  Too easy!

How to use the Study Planner & Timetable

It's not rocket science - anyone can fill in a planner and timetable, but there is always a best way to do anything and taking some time to sit and think about your study sessions can mean that you will be happy with the hours allocated to each subject and that you have spread out your study sessions enough to have a bit of a life in between. 


The sooner you can get started, the better and your life won't be total torture as you spread out your study sessions comfortably.  But if you've only got 2 weeks (or less) then it's even more important to plan.  Whatever rocks your boat - just plan, plan, plan!    Read more....




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