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How to use the Study Planner & Timetable

It's not rocket science - anyone can fill in a planner and timetable, but there is always a best way to do anything and taking some time to sit and think about your study sessions can mean that you will be happy with the hours allocated to each subject and that you have spread out your study sessions enough to have a bit of a life in between. 


The sooner you can get started, the better and your life won't be total torture as you spread out your study sessions comfortably.  But if you've only got 2 weeks (or less) then it's even more important to plan.  Whatever rocks your boat - just plan, plan, plan!




Step 1


Break up your days into time blocks that work around your schedule.  Include school time.  Write these in at the top and write the day/date down the side - the last day being the last day of exams.  Put in your exams.

Write your subjects along the top and the day/date down the side.

Step 2



Pen in your commitments and cross out no-study blocks in PENCIL (you may need to rub them out later).

Do nothing here for now.

Step 3

PENCIL in the available hours per time block then add them up to get the total available study hours.

Work out how many hours (of the total available hours) you want to allocate to each subject and pencil them in at the top.



Step 4

This is the tricky part, so be patient.  Allocate subjects to study blocks, starting at the bottom to make sure you are studying the subjects that need revision just before the exam.

Once you're done allocating subjects to study blocks in the timetable, cross-check your total hours by recording them here.  Make sure numbers add up.  If you want to put in topics or chapters to cover - do it here.



Done & Done!

All done! Stick it up on your wall, put a copy in your school bag, take a photo with your phone. At least you won't have to think about what to do next - just move from one time block to the next and before you know it, you'll have your life back! 

Action shot!  There's nothing more satisfying than crossing out those days.  If you miss a session, you can catch up in one of your free time blocks.




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