hack (plural hacks)

a strategy or technique for managing one's time or activities more efficiently

study hacks (like actual!)

downloadable study notes that saves you heaps of time so you can spend more time studying and less time stuffing around making study notes

It's about how you prefer to spend your study time.

Making study notes?
..or actually studying?

Go for it!

Get exam ready with study aids designed to help you study topics fast & effectively.

Save time. Cover all your bases.

Train and enhance your recall skills.

Our downloadable ready-to-study aids cover all the dot points from the Australian Curriculum.

And it's easy! Start studying in 3 simple steps!

1. Discover Decks

2. Purchase

& Download

3. Print &

Make up

'Decks' are packs of question cards and term cards (flashcards).  Mindmaps are included in every deck.  One deck covers a single topic.

From as little as $4 per topic, our study aids are amazing value for money - a fraction of the minimum hourly rate for study material that would take FOREVER to make.  

Check out how to make them here.  Not into making them? Just print them out and study them as study notes. 

Too easy!

Our decks contain.....

Question Cards

  • Speed-study with questions that require multiple answers.

  • Answers include relevant memory-joggers, short descriptions, examples & diagrams where needed.

  • All dot points in the topic are covered.

Term Cards

  • Comprehensive - ALL applicable terms pertaining to the topic are included.

  • Detailed yet easy to understand definitions.

  • Definitions include examples & diagrams where needed.

  • Reversible - study both ways for powerful memory retention.

Mind Maps

  • Visual topic summaries

  • Creates birds-eye view and clarity of the topic.

  • Designed with last-minute quick revision in mind.

  Plan & organise your study time 

Like A Boss with our

Free Study Planner & Timetable

Don't forget, great results come from having a plan and sticking to it.

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