About Us

We believe that studying smarter, not harder, is the key to exam success.

So our mission is to create ready-to-study tools for students who want to spend their study time slaying and smash those exams!  

Our Products

Question cards
that pack a punch! 
Speed-study with questions that require multiple answers.
Download flashcards mind maps Study Hacks
Reversible term cards
that include all applicable terms for the topic with detailed and easy-to-understand definitions. 
Study both ways!  
Answers include short descriptions and examples to jog your memory & diagrams where visual understanding is needed.
are included in every deck. 
These are great for giving a topic overview & can be used to study directly from for quick pre-exam revision.

Who We Are

We're a couple of misfits who took the long way round to get our education.  The learning part was great but the struggle to study for exams was a pain, especially when we had so much life to live.


We were smart enough, and we knew our stuff, but that was not reflected in our exam results in the beginning.  Our weak spot was studying for exams. We found out the hard way that just reading and knowing the subject wasn't enough to pass exams.    

You have to memorize stuff. 


Studying the right way will make all the difference to exam scores.   We've failed exams and we've smashed exams, so we know what works.  And we wouldn't have our Master's degrees if we didn't.  So what's the secret?  It's nothing new.  Self-testing is numero uno.  And to do self-testing well, you need to spend a whole lot of time creating self-testing tools like flashcards.


That's what we do - we spend weeks creating a single deck, pouring over the best textbooks and other teaching resources available to produce the most awesome flashcard deck under the Australian sun. Super comprehensive, detailed and easy to understand, even if prior knowledge of the subject is limited.


So who are we?

Your mate with the study notes,

who's got your back!


Our journey has just begun and our library of decks is growing all the time.  We're super-excited to share what we have already but if we don't have the deck you need this time around, please come back again next time to check. 


Paypal & Credit Cards Gladly Accepted

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